Let this sink into your mind. The annual revenue of the online casino market is $45 billion a year. That’s $3.75 billion a month. And this revenue is not static. This is to say it increases in magnitude every year. And you know why it is not so funny?

This is money that comes out of your pocket. Your pocket. A lot of these new online casinos insert the obligatory caveat “Gamble Responsibly” or “18+”, but they know you won’t gamble responsibly because of the rush you feel and they don’t give a heck whether or not an under aged kid is logged in gambling so long as the money’s on the table.

Bottom line is; casinos only care about their bottom line. They offer you bogus bonuses and welcome back packages because they know no matter how repentant you are in the future, they’ve got you by the jugular. You’re a blind man without a cane walking into a blizzard and these casinos are just waiting to storm into your account balance, pinching you for every penny you have.

Like it is well known, gambling is addictive but it’s not advisable for you to be addicted to stupidity and that is why we are here.

We curate the most reliable information on the goings on in the gambling industry, while providing the most brutal and honest reviews in sports betting, bingo, fantasy leagues, poker and much more.

We will be monitoring the events happening at the eSports games as well because we understand there’s an opportunity for the gambling industry to plant its flag there.

We regularly update the information provided to you here because we know the gambling industry can change at the role of a dice. We don’t just outline the sites that are safe for you to put your money in, but we go a step further by putting forth a detailed of analysis why we think each and every site deserves the reviews that it’s got.

We also publish a list of fraud sites so honest gamblers are not taken for a ride. There are a lot of scam gambling platforms with rogue licenses and it is our commitment to you that such platforms will never have a sniff at your money as long as we are around.

So we bid you welcome as we take you on a rollercoaster ride through the exciting, murky, and sometimes dangerous world of online gambling.