If you want to cash out the biggest cash rewards you’d be hard-pressed to see a better alternative than slot machines. As they say, variety is the spice of life and these slot machines do come with a truckload of spices.

Slot machines are divided into two categories; the slots with incremental jackpots and fewer payouts and those with more frequent payouts and lesser jackpots. In this page, we will showcase to you online slots that are not only enjoyable to play, but also provide gamblers the opportunity to win astronomical sums of cash in terms of prizemoney. And when I say money, I mean mouthwatering, life altering money.

Certainly, we regularly update this page.


Tunzamunni or ‘tons of money’ as the name not so subtly suggests, is an Egyptological slot machine game with lots of Indiana Jones style tombs and ancient icons. It draws on the epic Mummy theme as a background to what’s one of the most addictive online slot machine games a gambler will ever come across. And true to name, Tunzamunni pays a healthy jackpot with the highest single payout of $626, 695.79. I’d divorce my wife for that kind of money (just sayin’).

King Cashalot

This slot machine draws inspiration from the Knights of The Round Table’s well known king Arthur. It is even thinkable that the name ‘Cashalot is a play on the word ‘Camelot’ which was the domain of the wielder of Excalibur.

The noble King of yore is not so perturbed about chivalry or nobility in this game but money. And tons of it. An easy game to learn, the bet range begins from to $293, so you could say the benevolent ‘King’ does take care of the rich and the poor. To win the biggest jackpot on this game, a gambler has to play through all nine lines to be eligible for the jackpot.

With a 1500x return, a player could be looking at wins in the region of $500,000 and this is without putting the progressive jackpot in the equation. The highest payout ever recorded was a whopping $2,000,000.

Major Millions

This military themed slot machine from stables of Microgaming is centered on Major Millions, an army officer who is not your typical scowling soldier. His pleasant and warm persona is a tad different than what you’d see in a typical military barracks. But you can bet your life players aren’t swarming the slot machine for the love and warmth.

This slot machine regularly spits mad money and has been known to have paid out one of the largest jackpot in the history of online gambling with a ballpark figure north of $1, 900,000. The bet range runs from $0.65 to $4.00 per spin with the minimum jackpot of $25000. That’s a pretty decent piece of change even if you missed out on the grand prize.

Mega Moolah

This slot machine – also from Microgaming (those guys really got game), is the elder brother of Major Millions, that is, if Major Millions had a nasty senior brother jacked up on steroids and cocaine. It is configured with five reels, three rows, and twenty-five active pay lines.

The unique thing about Mega Moolah is the way the pot increases in size when being wagered on. Every single gambler in the world playing on this slot machine, simultaneously adds to the contribution of the total pot prize. The current jackpot stands at $14,129,575 and the biggest jackpot ever won on any slot machine – which was won on this slot, is a gob smacking $17,296,540.09. This is not mind blown. It’s mind blown to oblivion.