We are an online platform made of professional gamblers who know every form, trick or art in the gamblers book. Just like you, we have gigantic interest in cash playing roulettes, blackjack, poker, and slot machines. We’ve also won big too.

Hence, we decided to create this platform as a reaction to the many impunities carried out by online casinos. We’ve heard and seen instances where winnings were not paid, situations where gambling casinos had liquidated after holding onto gamblers money, and we’ve caught casinos out rightly cheating their customers.

The sad reality is, there is no association which unites gamblers against the power of online gambling associations. And although regulations may be enforced, this is not always the case. Ever since the evolution of the sport, gamblers have lost billions of dollars in unremitted winnings and fraudulent games controlled by these companies for the sole purpose of cheating the unwary gambler. This is not to scare you, but to emphasize the need for caution.

That is not to say there are no good online casinos – of course there are. Our aim is to make available all the necessary information a gambler could need before making a choice of what casino to gamble in.

Our Review Process

We analyses the advantages and disadvantages, the types of games on offer, bonuses, and freebies amongst many others. All the content we provide are painstakingly run through a fine-toothed comb through continuously evolving techniques.

Casinos evolve and so do we. Our platform encapsulate every facet of the gambling industry and not just the casino, including external forces and influencers that may push online casinos into new frontiers. Apart from casinos, we also provide guides, tips and tutorials on how to succeed as a gambler in sports betting, live games, betgame, and fantasy leagues.

We know we are not perfect and our visitors may have unique experiences which are quite different from ours. They may also have suggestions and tips which may better equip us to serve you. And that is why we encourage and appreciate constructive criticism because we know no gambler is an island of his own.

In that vein, we encourage you to contact us for any reason within the realm of gambling, and should you want to submit your own material, we assure you, you’re free to do so. And if you have any questions with regards to listing and advertising, please do not hesitate to let us know.

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